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Meet Our Founder

Andrew Braddy is a counsellor and educator who has worked with men and boys for more than 5 years. Born in Melbourne and now living on the Surf Coast in Victoria he has always had a passion for adventure and self-improvement. This has taken him to complete degrees in Education, Counselling and The Environment, to work as a Teacher, Counsellor and Snowboarding Instructor and to travel the world and complete more than 500 hours of retreat based meditation. Along the way he has established men's groups, facilitated father-son programs and led groups of boys on outdoor education programs. Andrew believes that we can all work to develop men with better mental health who are able to support themselves and their families to live more joyful and fulfilling lives.

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Our Story

Our founder, Andrew, experienced anxiety and depression throughout his 20s and during this time tried countless methods to cope better. These included running (helped), travelled (generally didn't help) and quitting jobs (generally didn't help). It wasn't until he started to tell people in his life that he was struggling and eventually reach out for support that things started to turn around. Andrew worked with psychologists and counsellors, learned to meditate, continued to run, joined men's groups, confided in his mates and spent more time outdoors. 

Whilst working as a teacher at an all boys school in Melbourne, Andrew had the opportunity to work on father-son programs which aimed to strengthen connections between father and son, with the ultimate goal of helping boys to transition to healthy adult men. At this time, Andrew came across the book Manhood by Steve Biddulph which seemed to speak directly to his experience being a man growing up in our world. It became clear that the mental health of men and boys was struggling and that we can improve this by changing the conversations we have with have with men and boys. Put simply, we needed to drop the bravado and banter once in a while and have a real conversation and what is actually happening in our lives. 

At this point Andrew left classroom teaching and moved into outdoor education and faciliation with a view to engaging boys in these sorts of conversations. At the same time he trained with Dr Arne Rubinstein and began facilitating Rites of Passage programs for fathers and sons. After completing a Masters of Counselling, Andrew founded Men's Health Matters, a service dedicated to improving the wellbeing of men and boys. We harness the key transitions in the lives of men, boyhood to adulthood and adulthood to fatherhood to help the men of today to cope better so that we can raise boys who can live more joyful lives.